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Hush Hoops

Hush Hoops© Indoor Basketball

Hush Hoops© Indoor Basketball

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Introducing Hush Hoops - The Silent Indoor Basketball Experience. The original Hush Hoops ball boasts an approximate diameter of 8.27 inches, made from high-quality foam. It provides a realistic basketball feel without the usual noise, making it perfect for practicing skills, having fun, or getting a little exercise within the comfort of your own space. What sets Hush Hoops apart is its super quiet design. Crafted with sound-absorbing foam, it allows you to dribble away without disturbing your neighbors or sleeping family members. The silent bounce of Hush Hoops lets you focus on your game, anytime, anywhere.

But that's not all; introducing Hush Hoops XL - The Premium Silent Indoor Basketball Experience. Hush Hoops XL takes it up a notch with an impressive 9.5-inch diameter and is engineered from premium foam for an even more court-like action with a whisper-soft touch. It delivers an authentic sensation of dribbling without the usual clamor. Ideal for skill enhancement, enjoyment, or a quick workout, all within the coziness of your personal space. What distinguishes Hush Hoops XL is its exceptional quietude, thanks to its sound-absorbing foam. Whether you're in an apartment, practicing after hours, or any setting where silence reigns, you can engage in dynamic dribbling sessions without worrying about disturbing others. Elevate your indoor basketball experience with Hush Hoops XL, redefine your skills, and embrace the game on your terms. It's not just a ball; it's the evolution of your basketball journey.

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