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KINETIC Men's Basketball Shorts Collection Vol. 2

KINETIC Men's Basketball Shorts Collection Vol. 2

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These shorts are engineered with real hoopers in mind and capture the essence of 90s basketball style.

These Shorts are meticulously crafted from a fusion of four advanced multi-stretch fabrics, each meticulously selected for its technical excellence. These shorts boast spacious side pockets ready for action. A ribbed waistband with an adjustable drawstring guarantees a tailored fit, while the inner lining ensures maximum comfort and dryness.

Sitting confidently above the knee, it embodies contemporary flair. Weaving together four dynamic fabrics, including the flexibility of spandex, it offers unparalleled agility on the court. The waistband is a tactile delight in ribbed perfection. And there, on this canvas of innovation, the Kinetic emblem takes center stage through intricate embroidery. These shorts aren't just clothing; they're a tool for real hoopers, designed to amplify your court prowess.

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